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Performance management

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The performance management process enables employees to document and discuss their activities with supervisors. In turn, managers can provide feedback and guidance to employees.

As the diagram below shows, there are three pages used to manage the process:

Performance sheet
Performance overview
The following diagram shows the interrelationship between the core components of performance management.Overview of the performance management process.

Performance sheet
Before starting your periodic employee appraisal, you often gather information on activities or events that contributed to your professional success during the period under study. The performance sheet is the place to document these activities and events. In addition, you can create future actions that need to be performed to increase your chances of meeting a goal, meeting development plan requirements, or meeting a performance commitment. Performance sheets are not needed for goal creation or performance reviews.

There are two versions of the performance sheet: the employee version, which is available through the Employee Self Service ( ESS ) workspace, and the manager version, which is available through the Manager Self Service ( MSS ) workspace . Employees can create sheets for themselves and share them with managers. Managers can create sheets for their teams and share them with their subordinate employees.

When opening a performance sheet from the ESS workspace , you can enter the following information:

Action title.
An activity description that provides detailed information about the activity.
The date the sheet was created.
Activity start and end dates.
A state setting that indicates whether the activity can be shared with the employee’s manager.
A setting that indicates whether an item is part of a development plan.
Keywords that help you find similar items in the performance log.
You can also link the performance sheet to an external website by adding its URL. If the worksheet is related to goals or performance reviews, it can also be linked to one or more of these objects. When the performance sheet is opened from the MSS page , you can enter this information as in an employee sheet. Additionally, you can specify the employee for whom the journal is created. You can choose whether to share the manager sheet with the employee.

Send feedback
The performance sheet includes an additional feature called Send Feedback . After clicking Send Feedback , you can select an employee and send them feedback via e-mail. The message will be sent to the receiving employee, his manager, the feedback worker, and his manager. A performance sheet entry is created for each person who receives the feedback message.

The Performance goals page helps you track the goals that you and your manager have set for the employee. You can create as many goals as you want, and goals can be spread across different time periods and performance reviews. You can also create simple or complex goals depending on the amount of information you want to enter about the goal. Goals are not needed in performance reviews.

The primary purpose must include the following information:

Short name.
A longer description of the goal.
Estimated target start date.
Estimated completion date of the goal.