21 CFR Eleven Compliance:


In 21 CFR Compliance element eleven, the meals and Drug administration (FDA) establishes its requirements for electronic records and signatures. Those guidelines, which apply to all FDA application regions, have been meant to permit the widest viable use of digital technology, like minded with FDA’s obligation to protect the general public fitness. The DocuSign settlement Cloud is used by pharmaceutical and medical tool businesses to fulfill a range of compliance requirements, which include the ones set forth inside the Code of Federal rules title 21 component 11.

CFR Compliance Component:

We’ve got a complete manual to CFR Compliance component 11 and electronic signatures with examples of the way DocuSign solutions satisfy requirements. Here we’ll summarize subpart C of CFR name 21 component eleven, which outlines necessities associated with using electronic signatures.

The FDA additionally issued a steering paper “component 11, electronic facts; digital Signatures — Scope and application” to provide similarly clarification on electronic facts and electronic signatures.


What Is 21 CFR Compliance Element Eleven?

Name 21 CFR Compliance  part eleven is the a part of identify 21 cfr part 11 that establishes the usa food and Drug administration policies on electronic records and electronic signatures. The term “component eleven” applies to data in digital form that are created, changed, maintained, archived, retrieved, transmitted or submitted, below any records requirements set forth by the FDA rules/predicate guidelines. Existence technological know-how agencies and device producers regulated by means of the FDA are required to comply with the Code of Federal rules identify 21 element eleven.


What Does 21 CFR Compliance Component 11 Require Related To Digital Signatures?

The FDA permits electronic signatures for use in vicinity of pen and ink signatures on paper files in order that business can be performed digitally. If you want to be compliant electronic signatures must consist of:

The published name of the signer
The date and time the signature turned into carried out
A completely unique person identity
Digital adopted signature
The which means of the signature (categorized “signing cause”)
What are the opposite requirements for digital signatures?
Underneath are the requirements as outlined in subpart C on electronic signatures:

Each electronic signature have to be unique to one person and now not reused by, or reassigned to, all people else. Subsection eleven.A hundred(a) The identification of the man or woman must be validated before setting up, assigning, certifying or otherwise sanctioning the individual’s electronic signature, or any detail of such digital signature. Subsection 11.100(b)

Individuals using electronic signatures shall, prior to or at the time of such use, certify to the business enterprise that the digital signatures of their system, used on or after August 20, 1997, are meant to be legally binding equal of traditional handwritten signatures. Subsection 11.100(c) Humans the use of digital signatures need to, upon enterprise request, provide extra certification or testimony that a selected electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent of the signer’s handwritten signature. Subsection 11.100(c.2)

Digital signatures that aren’t primarily based Compliance:

upon biometrics should appoint at the least two awesome identification additives which includes an identification code and password. Subsection 11.200 (a)(1) Whilst an character executes a series of signings at some point of a unmarried, non-stop length of managed device get entry to, the primary signing have to be performed the usage of all digital signature components. Next signings need to be carried out using at least one digital signature aspect that is simplest executable via, and designed for use best through, the person. Subsection 11.Two hundred (a)(1)(i)

Whilst an person executes one or greater signings no longer executed during a unmarried length of managed system access, every signing need to be accomplished using all of the digital signature components. Subsection 11.200 (a)(1) The uniqueness of every combined identification code and password need to be maintained such that no two people have the same combination of identification code and password. Subsection eleven.300(a) Identity code and password issuances need to be periodically checked, recalled or revised (e.G., to cover such occasions as password getting older). Subsection 11.300(b)

Loss management strategies should be observed:

To electronically deauthorize misplaced, stolen, missing or in any other case doubtlessly compromised tokens, playing cards and other gadgets that endure or generate identification code or password statistics. The machine Compliance must issue brief or permanent replacements using suitable, rigorous controls. Subsection 11.300(c)


The device must use transaction safeguards to prevent unauthorized use of passwords and/or identity codes, and to stumble on and file in an instantaneous and pressing way any attempts at their unauthorized use. Subsection eleven.300(d) A technique must be in place for preliminary and periodic testing of gadgets consisting of tokens or playing cards that endure or generate identity code or password records to make certain that they feature nicely and feature no longer been altered in an unauthorized way. Subsection eleven.300(e)

DocuSign’s existence Sciences Modules for part 11:

The coolest news is that cutting-edge cloud technology are not only less complicated to apply and enforce but may be far less complicated to validate. Existence sciences leaders can make generation investments that help their cutting-edge workflow and set them up for destiny increase—even as deciding on gear that meet necessities for regulatory compliance.

The DocuSign element 11 module is a product enhancement Compliance to be had for DocuSign’s lifestyles science clients. It includes extra security and controls, resulting in a different signing revel in relative to non regulated use instances. The DocuSign lifestyles Sciences Modules contains abilties Compliance designed for documents and approvals regulated with the aid of 21 CFR Compliance element 11, consisting of:

Prepackaged account configuration
Signature-stage credentialing
Signature-level that means (signing cause)
Signature manifestation (revealed name, date/time and signing reason)
21 CFR  Compliance part eleven – terms and Acronyms
Acronym masking the FDA’s definition of statistics integrity of electronics data. Entire, regular and accurate record encompass statistics that is “Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneously recorded, original (or a true copy) and correct. Contemporaneous recording of take a look at facts in crucial as manual transcription at a past due time introduces the ability for human error.

Audit trail

In terms of digital statistics, pc generated time stamped audit trail gives credence and providence to virtual produced signatures and retained records. Upon request, operators need to be prepared to provide a copy of the audit trail related to a specific electronic document to the FDA Inspector either on paper or via electronic method.

Closed gadget

Device(s) wherein a organization can verify the identification Compliance of all customers prior to granting get right of entry to to an ER/ES device wherein only digital signatures are required (username & password aggregate). This is distinct from an Open machine wherein a organisation can’t identify all users prior to granting get admission to to an ERES gadget. In open systems, digital signatures are required in addition to digital signatures (e.G., HTTPS, virtual certificate, and so on.)

Digital Signature

An digital signature based upon cryptographic strategies of originator authentication, computed via using a fixed of rules and a set of parameters such that the identity of the signer and the integrity of the information may be proven.

Digital Signature

A compilation of any symbol(s) done to be the legally binding equivalent of an man or woman’s handwritten signature.

Electronic document

Any combination of textual content, portraits Compliance, facts, audio, or pictorial records represented in digital form that is created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved, or allotted by way of a laptop.


Acronym for electronic file/digital Signature.


Global agency for Standardization (founded 1947). ISO is an independent, non-governmental worldwide agency with a club of 165 countrywide requirements our bodies Compliance. In 2015 ISO made 1,505 requirements, had 162 members and 3,535 technical committees, labored on 1,827 new projects and turned into worried with 702 worldwide companies.


Japanese Pharmacopeia, legit pharmacopoeia Compliance  of Japan Compliance.


United states Pharmacopoeia (based 1820). U.S. Is a scientific non-earnings enterprise that sets standards for the identity, power, first-rate and purity of drug treatments, food ingredients and nutritional supplements manufactured, disbursed and consumed worldwide. USP’s drug standards are enforceable in the u.S.A. Through the meals and Drug management, and these standards are used in greater than one hundred forty international locations.

Desired terms for Measuring Detection capability of a dimension gadget
Limit of clean (LoB) LoB is the best measured test end result in all likelihood to be discovered (normally at 95% actuality) for a sample containing no analyte. It’s miles the highest take a look at response expected to be located whilst a clean sample containing no analyte is time and again sampled – values above LoB are not consistent with the absence of analyte. LoB replaces what had grow to be acquainted as the analytical sensitivity of a technique, and defines the top limit whilst measuring a clean sample. If a blank sample yields a test result this is extra than the LoB, this is a type I blunders, the hazard is specific α, and typically assigned a danger of 0.05

Restriction of Detection (LoD)

LoD is the lowest concentration where analyte may be detected 95% of the time (a 5% chance of a fake terrible). Instead said, LoD is the proper cost wherein the likelihood of a false terrible measurement is five%. LoD is determined by using first determining LoB after which engaging in a take a look at using reflect effects of a take a look at sample with a completely low attention of the analyte. Mathematically, LoD may be calculated as LoD = LoB + (1.645 × the SD of a low awareness sample). If a pattern with low concentration of the analyte is measured beneath the LoD, that is termed a kind II mistakes and the risk of this false terrible is specified β. The LoD is ready at a attention in which the chance of such an error is zero.05

Limit of Quantification (LoQ)

Wherein LoB and LoD are statistical constructs, organising LoQ depends on pre-defined recognition standards. LoQ is the lowest amount of analyte that may be reliably measured (i.E., with a given imprecision). Lamentably, those overall performance requirements are not universally mounted and must be decided and said through the assay developer. Nearly, LoQ is the bottom concentration at which the analyte can be reliably detected while a few predefined dreams for accuracy and precision are glad. This accuracy requirement must be determined through thinking about the clinical software of the analyte.

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